„The Art of Flying“: Eine beeindruckende Flugshow von Starenschwärmen

Unter dem Namen “The Art of Flying” verbirgt sich keine durchstrukturierte Hollywoodproduktion. Es handelt sich um eine ganz natürliche Flugshow von Starenschwärmen, festgehalten durch den niederländische Filmemacher Jan van IJken. Wie beeindruckend das aussehen kann, seht ihr in folgendem Video:

A murmuration is the intricately choreographed movements of a large flock of starlings as they swoop through the sky. The phenomena appears like an undulating cloud, quickly shifting directions, density and shape as it traverses overhead. Due to a relatively warm winter in the Netherlands between 2014 and 2015, many starlings stayed in the country rather than migrating south. Filmmaker Jan van IJken captured one such air show in his short film The Art of Flying, which can be watched in full on his website. Watch the condensed version above to observe the fluidity of the birds’ movements, as well as listen to the soothing sound of the flock’s flapping wings.