400 Wörter in einer Minute rappen: Mac Lethal zeigt wie es geht

Mir wird immer vorgeworfen, ich würde zu schnell reden. Aber ganz ehrlich… dann müssen die anderen halt besser zuhören. Wer dahingehend ein wenig trainieren möchte, sollte sich mal das neueste Video von Mac Lethal anschauen. Ganze 400 Wörter in einer Minute! Hut ab!

FAST RAP - 400 words in 1 minute

Und falls euch das jetzt doch zu schnell ging, hier derText zum Mitlesen:

I got a brand new challenge
Everybody told me i should grab the microphone
and cut it open with my talons
i take a sharpie tagging your medulla oblangatta
i was screwing with your mama i’m asuming i’m your father
see a lot of people copying my videos and holding up a iPhone
when they rapping trying to do it like i do
I’m giving a middle finger to the universe
I’m sicker than fuck… quick when i bust
putting voodoo inside you
i gotta spit four hundred words in under a minute
fuckin exquisite when I am bustin ridiculous
type of raps bro
walk across a tight rope forty thousand feet up in the sky
while smoking on a stogie in my slippers and bath robe
i’m bringing a little terror to your mental state
i hit you in your lungs until you start to hyperventilate
cuz life is always better with a double IPA and
mashed potatoes sitting right next to your steak up on your mother fucking dinner plate
for all the people arguing on social media
about the quickest rapper in the world you better know it’s me my friend
i am puffin on some denver colorado marijuana
you can say that i’m a hippy cuz i swear to god that trees are friends
you faker than the butt on khloe k
you fucker go away you’re parked up in a fire zone your truck is getting towed away
they gotta break the hydrant and exterminate the heat i’m spitting
shout to danny grooves because he fuckin made the beat i’m ripping
i’m jose altuve i am fuckin little
when i am swinging my bat at the middle
mac is so mental rapping subliminal
facts and attacking with criminal acts in the back of a rental like I’m patrick bateman
hackin with an axe i crack your temple
grab the microphone and get to choppin
like a semi automatic weapon poppin it will damage your skull
and if i ever cannot pay my bills off rapping
i’ll walk in the store and steal a bunch of shit like I’m LiAngelo Ball
god damn man people are quite dumb
somebody give me one reason that Rice Gum
is famous i made this poison drink it and die son
i’m god Jesus my son
Hallaluejah i’ll take your little credit card and stab you right in the medulla
cuz you aint got a motherfuckin soul you a loser
number one rap you tuber BOOYA

via Maik

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