Ein USB-Ladegerät fürs Auto, das dich zum Knight Rider macht

Starkes Teil. Dieses USB-Ladegerät hat es in sich. Kann zwar nichts Besonderes, erinnert aber an K.I.T.T. aus Knight Rider und diese Tatsache allein reicht uns völlig!

„The Knight Rider KITT Car USB Charger has two USB ports, each capable of charging almost any USB-powered device (both put out 1.0 Amp). But it also has that signature light sequence from KITT’s voicebox we all know and love, synced to respond to 10 different audio phrases from the TV show. And in case you ever need less 80s, there’s a switch to turn the whole thing off or mute him. Possibly so your smart-mouthed car doesn’t speak to the nice officer.“


via Nerdapproved

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